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How to get paid Android apps for free on Google Play Store

Hellow my friends I hope your fine! Today am sharing most wanted trick that many android users or smartphone users needs to kno.Also read on how to reset forgotten android password.

In Many Stores around there across the internet there are some best apps that are not downloaded freely.Worry out am going to reveal the top secret! Now let's begin

You can get the paid apps for free on Google play store for free with some application which are stores as it is for Google play strore.


Hey today am going to talk about a certain app that I have downloaded and use it and it has been working perfectly for me now I want to recommend to my readers.

All In One Downloaded(AIO)


AIO Downloader is the best market to download apps, movies, music and more.

With the All in One Downloader, you can:
- Download specific apps and games.
- Find the best free apps for you.
- Discover new, interesting, useful, and fun apps and games.
- Daily updates: Keep you updated with the trending Apps in the market;
- Focused on top Apps: A well organized App & Game top chart, knowing what App everybody is using;
- Download music, ringtones, and wallpapers directly to your Android device without a computer!
- Watch Youtube videos and play games.
- Bring you fantastic apps hidden in the secret stashes of Google Play
- Find apps you wanted in seconds, and discover great apps you have never known.
- Editor Recommends: Handpicked apps and games
Every app and game in the All in One Downloader is FREE.
First off all download it by clicking here.
Now install it and open it in your device.
Now search any paid app on Google Play or on any store in their search bar.
Then click download,it will start downloading like playstore but the downloads are inform of apk so you are required manually installation on your device.

Now enjoy your downloaded app freely.


I thank you all who have taken there time to read my post and spread my knowledge.I advice you to share the post with your fellows who experience the same problem.

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