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Cheap Domain Registration

Domain names starts from free of cost up to 40$ excluding the premium domains which have special cost.

If you Google the term cheap domains you will get millions of results regarding on it.Which is something that you can't sort out them to fulfill your needs and wants.
Now grab the pen and have a smooth breath,I have sort out the best cheap domain registrant out of those googled results.

It wasn't  an easy Job but I do like my readers to get something useful and unique from my site.

Let me not talk to much let me start with what you are looking for.While you're looking for cheapest domains registrant which something cheapest isn't always better!
I have listed the best registrant to get domains that are affordable and with great service from them.Now make a follow-up on me now.

You can save yourself the time and trouble of researching those 4 million pages of results and go with a trusted recommendation from a trusted source. The majority of them offer deals and web hosting. Pricing is for a standard ".com" address.


NameCheap is one of my favorite places to register a domain name if you're looking to just purchase domain names and host your website in another place. NameCheap also offers their own hosting account plans as well.

NameCheap is a very well liked and respected for those in the online marketing community. Though many like to buy their domains with one provider and host with another; you can't go wrong getting your domain name and hosting with NameCheap.

•Annual Fee: $10.69
•Private registration: $2.88 / year
•Offers hosting service: Yes
•Deals available: Receive free private registration for the first year, with new registrations.
•Discounts (multi-year or multiple domains): n/a

I think this is something better for you if you'd like to know more about NameCheap click here.


It's my hope since you've been searching online or on a blogpost on a certain site you came up across with this term GODDADY.Mh! It sounds good as the service it provides.

Goddady is my favorite one also as the best domain registrant as it is now the domain I use it was purchased from Goddady.I Highly recommend you to have your domain purchased from Goddady due to the fact that they give out an offer for the first domain you purchase for an awesome price of 1.17$ Isn't this not affordable? Hope will suits what you want.

If you decide to get your domain name with GoDaddy then just stick with a regular domain purchase and skip all of the add-ons; which can add up and make purchasing the domain name very costly.

•Annual Fee: $8.99 for the first year. $14.99 for each additional year.
•Private registration: $8.99 / year
•Offers hosting service: Yes
•Deals available: Always
Discounts (multi-year or multiple domains): Register your first domain for 1.17$ also Register 6 domains or more and pay just $9.99 per domain and receive free private registration.

This is based on my recommendations, have more details on GoDaddy here.

It's my hope you've now decided on what domain registrant to go out with with best price and services in the next post I will add another cheap domain registrants out there from Google results and to recommend them to you.

If you have a domain registrant you think is the best or you need to have details on it just hit the comment box down there.
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