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How To Reset The Forgotten Android Password

Hard Reset (Format)

If you have any problem on your Tecno device, maybe problems like application shuts down itself, unresponsiveness of the device, continues lag, incorrect settings, malware attack, glitches, software issue or any other related problems, a hard reset also known as formatting can help resolve most of these problems by restoring your device to factory settings (default).

Since factory settings eradicates all data like messages, contacts, media files, application and other related files off the smartphone, its advisable you take full backup of your device before formatting it. Worry not, I'll show you how to go on with that.

This guide is applicable to all tecno android phones which includes,

Tecno Q1, Tecno S7, Tecno P9, Tecno M9, Tecno H5, Tecno N9, Tecno D3, Tecno D5, Tecno F7, Tecno M3, Tecno S3, Tecno P5, Tecno L3, Tecno M5, Tecno M7, Tecno H7, Tecno M6, Tecno R7, Tecno N7, Tecno M9 (A3), Tecno L6, Tecno F5, Tecno G9, Tecno Boom J7, Tecno Phantom Z (A7), Tecno Camon C5, Camon C8, Boom J5, Phantom 5 and many more..

How to backup your Tecno device?
If you have a computer, then there are some recommended apps that can be used to backup your files and contacts on the computer. Apps like MobileGo, then move to DCIM folder and copy all files or do those automatically using backup apps, while your settings, Google can back that up for you. Simply go to Settings >> Personal >> Backup and Reset, and then select both backup my data and automatic restore. Now go back to Settings >> Personal >> Account & Sync >> select your Google account, then check all boxes and ensured that available data is synchronized.

Alternatively, you can make use of this backup app for android here, and backup all data in device memory to your SD Card.

How to Hard Reset (Format) All Tecno Android Phones?

There are two main methods that you can use to restore your tecno device to factory settings. Simply follow the below guide.
Method 1- via factory reset

>> Firstly, tap Settings from your App drawer.
>> If you dont have a backup of your device, then run a backup via Backup and reset
>> After that, tap Factory Data Reset
>> Then tap Reset Phone

Method 2- via recovery mode
>> First power off your Tecno device
>> Then press and hold together Volume Up + Home button + Power
>> Then Use the Volume buttons to select wipe data/factory reset from the HTC recovery screen
>> After that, confirm the process and wait for few minutes as it would take several minutes for the Tecno device to be wiped.

That's all, with any of the above methods, your Tecno android device will reset successfully. If you have any other related problem with your device, feel free to let me know, and I wonthesitate to assist you. Dont forget to share this guide with your friends.

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