There are many ways to be rich in Tanzania due to the fact that getting rich is everyone's dream.Now follow me!

If you want to be rich in Tanzania here I have shortlisted easiest ways to follow,but don't forget to read on how to make money online in 2019

Start a Profitable Business.
You can be rich in Tanzania by having the profitable business started this year 2017.

I have shortlisted some of the few easiest businesses to start with less capital.

•Selling clothes
•Starting online shop
•Start Selling soft drinks
•Building rental houses
•Starting fast food restaurant in Cities like Mwanza,Dar es Salaam,Arusha and many others.
•Starting transport business in known local language as dala dalas.
Those are some of the ways but you can choose for your choice and per your wishes.
Invest In Real Estate.

Investing in real estate is the best idea that you can have good money in returns.At some places in Tanzania especially rular areas you can buy land in an affordable cost then hold it for some period of time then sell it for a better profit.

However you can also build apartments and sell to people who needs homes to live.And also you may rent them to Youths and other people and later you will be paid for the service.

Ensure you build apartments in areas where you are surely to benefit from your investment.
Start an Investment In Money Market.

Another easiest way to become rich in Tanzania is to invest in Money Market.
Money market is where financial institutions do currency exchange, and in return they earn profits. Such business is done by banks and insurance companies.

The good thing about money market is that you can invest as little as Tsh 20,000 and as high as you wish.
Investing in money market, you need to join a pool of other investors who open accounts with insurance companies under Money Market Fund segrment.Then the company will trade with your money and at the end of the month you get awesome interests.
Start buying stocks/bonds and shares.

In this sector is one of the best easier ways that can highly boost your income in this year 2017.

Some people Are becoming rich by being involved with trading in shares and bonds,and this is where almost all the rich people in the world do invest there money.

The benefits of this trade is that you can start by investing a little as Tsh 100,000/= in this business.
Start an Online Job.(blogs&Websites)
In today's world some people are highly getting rich through online businesses around the globe.
For example you can start you blog on the specific niche for example you teach people about learning Swahili language or making money tips.
After you get huge daily traffics at your site now look for advertisers and start making money from you hard work of generating traffic to your blog or website.More info about these advertising in blogs click here.
Tips to remember is that getting rich is not an easy work you have to work your butt off as the fact that success depends upon yourself.

If you have another idea I will be much pleased to hear your idea by just hitting a comment box down there.Don't forget to share to others.