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5 Things That Slowdown Your Android phone

Today's world people are in large number using the Android phones or in another way they are so called smartphones.

Now many smartphone users have been facing the problem of phone lagging,either due to the android version of the phone or due to less storage in the phone.

However phone lagging problem can be reduced by the following methods that i will list them here after I have done several research on the methods I write here.

Before moving to our topic let's see things or methods which if you apply them you will not encounter this problem which are,

Having free and enough space storage.

Ensure your your phone is left out with enough space storage,you can delete unwanted files and thus leaving the phone storage free for smooth running progress.

Having enough RAM in the phone.

Having enough Random Accessory Memory(RAM) may help your phone not to lag or to stop some apps functions. This is the only key element on any smartphone. Thus atleast have 1GB RAM left free.

Having Phone Boosting Apps.

This apps enable to increase storage and RAM of your phone by deleting cached data also and junk files that may be occupied at the phone storage thus leaving out some free storage.For example DU SPEED BOOSTER App is good to be used.



Firstly playing android games tend to destroy your battery capacity and reducing it's span life also games cause or use large RAM capacity so as to function smoothly while at the other hand causing the phone being slow and lagging.

Thus after playing games on your android phone try to boost your phone using boosting apps i will recomend DU Speed Booster works efficiently on many android phones regardless with their android versions.


By installing the apps that are not verified by google apps or apps that are not in google play store may cause harmful to your phone by entering the viruses and finally the viruses slow down your phone.

By solving this you must install the apps that are in google playstore because they don't contain any harm due to the fact that google filter out spammy and harmful apps.Many of us our phones get the viruses by installing the unknown source applications.For further help you must  broke installing apps from unknown source in the setting section on your phone.


A users may install apps which at the particular time are left useless in their phone.Those apps tend to decrease the level phone working because they will be doing background activities thus those apps lead to slow down your phone/cause other apps not working smoothly.

In order to solve this you need to uninstall unwanted/useless apps this will help your phone to get more speed of processing other apps and lead your phone to be in a top speed.


Another issue that slowdown the smartphone is by giving it full time job without getting time to rest at least for one hour.

The full time job of the smartphone also go with giving the big / large work to do while your phone is not that type.for example you are playing music,games,doing internet at the same time and your taking picture actually your phone will run slowly.

So you must give it the handled work with its performance.


Having large apps installed in your android phone tend to cause massive use of your phone's RAM thus decreasing it's performance.

You can delete them if it's necessary or you can just shift them to external storage if you have the SD or Memory Card so as to have free RAM in your phone for smooth running.

Hope at the end of this lesson you can have this problem sorted out.Share to others and if having any idea leave your comments down there.

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