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Know More About Ad networks

Before starting I should thank our almighty God for the blessing he had given us to see this day and for your presence at this site.

In blogginrg industry since long time we bloggers have been looking for a way on how we can monetize through our blogs.Also at the same time advertiser a looking on the way of increasing their sells through ads on blogs and websites,thus it's when banner ads are established and ad networks are being introduced to the circle.
This ads networks acts like a link between advertiser who pay for the ads and bloggers and webmasters who are paid for the ads shown on their sites.Through this ads is where we both bloggers and advertiser are connected.
How does this ad networks work in relation to both bloggers and advertisers?.
Now this is what happens around there,

Adverstiser wants to increase income on their products,they find customers who may be attracted by the product through advertising thus they find out ad networks which they pay them either to show ads or to refer a customer.This is a part of an advertiser at the ad network.

Now let's come to the role played by the bloggers and web masters.At the ad network these people(bloggers) are required to past the ad codes given by the ad networks so to paste them on their site where they want ads to be shown on their sites.

After their its the work of the blogger to find much traffic so as to benefit directly on the ads shown.The ad network pays the blogger and webmasters through clicks generated(CPC) or through per thousand views(CPM).And that's is all of what is happening around there.

Some of the ads network available on the industry.

There tones of ad networks around there on the advertising industry. Now i have short listed some of the best ad networks around there which are:-

1.Google Adsense
And many more others.

What to do is just signup to the ad network and wait your application to be reviewd and when you're are approved you can start making a decent money from them.

Remember at start you won't get a decent amount but patience pays now work on to create blog posts which may attract many readers and you will earn from their views at your site.All i will advice you is that don't start an online invetory in the aim of getting rich faster no,do it as for passion afterwards you will enjoy your hard work.

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